28-12-20 Twins: Frank Visits

Monday 28th December 2020

A hectic day with so much thrown in we none of us have any time to just sit. But lay I do and I must. By 3:15pm the babies are losing the plot having missed their much adored nap so I’m held their prisoner in bed they flanking me both holding my hands I cannot escape. And at any rate I don’t wish to, for this forced relaxation unwinds me and my entire system slows down – a good thing – for the next 2 hours.

They sleep deeply. And sleep they must because they’ve had a big day. Elektra and I visit Ilse dropping off photos from Christmas, walk for a couple of hours along the Coogee cliff tops, shop, come home to Frank visiting, bringing with him Kingsley after two nights sleepover at Νονά. Frank licking her and stomping about joyously, Keanu is squeaking thrill through his πιπίλα. Then Jesse arrives for belated Christmas gift giving.

Babies go wild from happiness to be part of something as I give all children icecream which Keanu quite cleverly goes to sit at the table by himself away from the chaos. Elektra likes to be in the melee and pays the price her icecream spilling.

No one gets fed lunch and the babies cry for food ‘mum mum, MUM MUM!’ they carry on, unsatisfied even rejecting their milk and water. They want proper food. So out we get from bed, head to the kitchen where Γιαγιά is pottering over the stove. She had made dolmades! And like baby birds these two open mouths relieved that someone in this house is actually feeding them.

At one point Keanu lifts Elektra’s dress up to show her belly and knickers. She promptly slaps him upside the head! We all saw it! She’s so gangsta! He doesn’t even cry!

Meanwhile Keanu steals Erroll’s Virgin Airlines belt when he watches daddy get dressed for work today. Erroll thinking it’s cute allows him to play with it but by the time Erroll must leave he couldn’t locate it! Unbeknownst to Erroll Keanu hid it. Downstairs Erroll asks ‘can you show me where my belt please’ to which Keanu hesitated. Erroll adds ‘I’ll give you another belt you can have…’ and with this Keanu reaches to take Erroll’s hand walks him upstairs round the corner into a bedroom into a drawer and lo! The work belt! Straight up Erroll shows Keanu is other belts the child chooses one and wears it all afternoon!

Of course they fall asleep once we’re back in bed fed, watered and changed. A solid afternoon nap!

Erroll is away tonight – his first layover in months! Avd all is well back at the ranch for Γιαγιά takes Kingsley to bed and the wontons pass out albeit late tonight past 9pm.