22-04-20 Twins: Daddy’s Working

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Devastating news that Virgin is under voluntary administration, but some (few) domestic flights are still operating and Erroll flies four sectors today taking travellers flying for essential work to their destinations.

Meanwhile Randwick Council has opened our beaches again for swimming and exercise only – no laying on beach or congregating – so I get the babies out for their stroll. Its a long walk today, leaving the house at 10am and pushing the pram uphill near to 6pm.

Our first stop is the SLSC to rendezvous with Claudia and 9 year old Marishka who takes over caring for the twins, reads them their birthday pressie books and holds them as they try to walk.

Such long days out means a few things are inevitable: 1) snacking in the buggy, 2) napping in the buggy, 3) shopping trips to Coles & Woolies (yes both), and 4) poonamies. I have with us all that is required for impromptu baths and today it’s Elektra’s turn in the basin.