06-05-20 Twins: Waverley

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Erroll is at work, I’m with the babies. There’s no way I’m keeping them indoors so out we head today to visit Erroll’s old Alma mater Waverley. We discover the Olympic size pool! Elektra wakes from her long morning nap crying and screeching. I know this sound and what it means. She’s ready for a poo and won’t bw doing one wearing a mass nappy. So on the Aquatic Centre side of Waverley our girl grips onto the Valco Snap DUO, Keanu watching the affair, Elektra lets rip on the street. Right there! The upside is she’s back to smiling, laughing and playful.

Meanwhile Keanu enjoys his yoghurt pouch after a very rare long morning nap. Unlike his fussy sister he’s had happy to poo in his nappy.

With Erroll flying today we four head to the beach in order to feed the gulls and while our time away till daddy flies back into Sydney. Kingsley wants Cornetto’s and a white batard. He’s hungry as are the twins whom I ply with various squeezies of yoghurt and chicken meals.