01-02-19 Kingsley: First Day Kindy

Friday 1st February 2019

Being stuck in hospital with premie twins has meant I miss out on one of the most significant days in Kingsley’s wee life: first day of Kindy. I mourn my loss all day but feel happy with each photo Erroll sends me in a blow-by-blow dialogue starting with his ablutions (thank heavens poos at home not at school), breakfast (milk, banana, toast), getting dressed in full school uniform, photos with Jiajia & BaBah, drive to school, arriving first in Green Room, being warmly greeted by kind Miss Pernousis, practicing letter-writing, making a ‘best friend’ little Alex a fellow blonde Greek from Coogee, sharing his popcorn with Alex at recess, eating nothing of his packed lunch, coming home exhausted but excited.

Day 1 of Kindy success!