12-11-20 Twins: Baker Park Playdate

Thursday 12th November 2020

The babies when confronted with a bunch of rowdy school boys including their big brother at first want to stay in the double pram. They watch mesmerised / terrorised at the extreme energy. Then Keanu wants out of the pram, NOW! Out he climbs usually to my resistance but we’re in Baker Park and the playground is gated, and there’s a running tap for doggies to drink from and now Elektra wants to escape the pram, so out they both go. And immediately to the tap they head.

I like how Keanu joins the rowdy bunch while Elektra stands back to watch. From time to time Kingsley exhibits his affection for his siblings. They beam when he gives them any mind. Most heart-warming today is watching Kings spontaneously hug Elektra as the rabble tumbles down the embankment.

Again today Jensen’s younger brother Zac takes a fancy to Elektra who doesn’t reject his advances.