24-02-21 Kingsley: Bed with Mummy

Wednesday 24th February 2021

Tonight well before 7:30 all the babies are in bedrooms in the hope they pass out and I can read my lecture notes. Kingsley does his wee (in the shower recess of course), washes hands and brushes teeth, begs to watch more Dark Knight (that’s a NO) then as poor second choice sits with Γιαγιά to watch her Greek melodrama. He can’t bear it and actually prefers to do his homework!

So into my bed he pops and we read and he writes then Elektra barges in demanding a spot in the bed, drinks her milk and to Kingsley’s request I sing softly to my babies. The Carpenters Close to You. I’m in heaven right now warm between these angels (who also happen to snore!).