17-01-21 Kingsley: Pool Party with Harry

Sunday 17th January 2021

To get the child interested in reading again I pose as Frank Marlen’s dog and send Kingsley his 7th Dogman book from his beloved series. ‘Mailman has been, Kingsley! Go check the mail box…’which he promptly does and lo! Within is a package and letter sent from ‘Frank’ for Kingsley to read. And read the entire book he does today before we head out to Burraneer to visit Kara-Louise and Michael-John.

And its here we party in the pool! Me included! But its really Kingsley who has a great time since Harry is is a generous mood, avd wants to play in the pool. We bring a new box of Wahu blow up Battons the boys battle with. Between Harry, the pool and Adisson the family pooch Kingsley is entertained and fed (Harry puts on 9 pieces of white bread toast; the twins and boys sit on their chairs eating hungrily and quietly chomping through half a load of bread after their swim).