30-08-20 Kingsley: Tennis Tournament

Sunday 30th August 2020

After a rugby league game versus the Saints, Kingsley has his very first tennis tournament to look forward to. Its this afternoon on Court 1, 15 kiddies all keen to lobby using their own Prince racquets.

He’s poorly our son, nasally, congested and throat is sore. Much to my dismay his appetite is suppressed; can’t get his three eggs and cheesy toast onto him these days. We think its time to see Dr Eliades though a negative covid test is mandatory before we’re allowed into a surgery.

What does cheer him up immensely is receiving damn Woolies Ooshies, so off I walk with the twins to Randwick and bag myself two. I’ll give them to Kingsley after his tournament, after his shower and after he reads a book (tonight it’ll be ‘Little Koala Lost’ read in the most nasally fashion). Both Ooshies happen to be rare and into his collector’s box they go.

I’m so incredibly proud and surprised at Kingsley – just how much he’s learned and absorbed: the serving, the lobbies, scoring and how points are allocated. The babies and I watch his games from up high on the bowls lawn along with all the other parents. The twins spot their brother’s red hat (thanks to Ruth) and squeal! I’m the overly zealous SHOUTY mum clapping and woo-HOO’ing at every points score. But then I turn into the psycho mean mum cranky Kings could even consider eating the crap lollies Coach Baxby hands out at the end! Just to shut me up Kingsley agrees to eating two bananas in order to ‘counteract’ the harm these lollies have on his teeth.