10-08-20 Kingsley: I ❤️ Dad

Monday 10th August 2020

A minor miracle: with daddy on airport standby mumma gets Kingsley to school on time and brings the babies along for the ride.

Its been far too long since Ninni and I spent any time together. This morning, albeit a short amount of time, is our chance to bring a sparkle into our relationship. So I sing along the walk, we skip and run and his hat flies off lots of times. We laugh together finally. At the school gate we bid farewell to Peter his year 1 mate with whom we walked to school today, and I offer Ninni a big kiss goodbye. I ask if I can give him a kiss. Kingsley accepts my kiss and off he goes up to class.

Later on when Erroll collects the child I receive pictures of his artwork. Daddy of course is Kingsley’s hero. No longer me!

But I understand: its the age, its the stage, its development and becoming manly. I am just happy to get morning cuddles when he jumps into bed with me and Elektra. I’ll take Kingsley’s long legged cuddles any day.