Kingsley: 13-1-14 Smiles

Our child is five weeks young and becoming ever more wonderful – if that is possible. Indeed it is, for Kingsley is beginning to respond to my funny faces, endless kisses, sing songs and chatter with the cutest grimaces, and cheeky grins. I am sure he even gave me a smile today! What a gift!

At this age, a smile from my son to me means “I like that” and “I love you, Mumma”. He loves me so much I am sure of it – for all the milk I give him, and those cuddles, and walks in the neighbourhood and attention I bestow upon him. The boy is the spitting image of his father and I know that devastating smile well: like father like son.

So as I tickle Kingsley’s funny bones, either with my endless chatter, with songs, or with non stop kisses, tiny lips curl upward and the beginnings of smiles render me insanely in love. I never thought I could love another like I love his dad; the two men in my life…

Proud dad skype sessions

Proud dad skype sessions



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