22-11-18 Day with Aleka

Thursday 22nd November 2018

Mumma is among old high school friends today. Its the big preggo reveal – twins too! – and there is no better way to do so than face-to-face.

Elvira pops in for breaky today bringing you a fantastic pressie – a Billabong backpack – which you reject instantly. But with her warm friendliness and affection towards you, you’re smitten and show her your missing tooth. Indeed Miss Ellie you declare that the tooth fairy came overnight and left you a coin.

Dearest school buddy number 2 Tiffany completely breaks down crying weeping and thrilled for suddenly registering my big fat belly. What was to be our usual working lunch turns out to be a miracle surprise and her birthday treat from me: yummy lunch at our usual Surry Hills Greek spot.

So while I’m stuffing my cakehole you, child, are relishing alone time with your cousin (on our side) closest in age, Aleka. Your arvo consists of a walk in the park, a play at the kiddies playground and a romp at the beach. Γιαγιά reveals that you both even sat at the table to eat lunch, in a civilized manner. Plus you.fed yourself.

I’m yesterday’s news when the funsies of a cool cousin is on the agenda.