06-10-18 JiaJia’s Birthday Cake

Saturday 6th September 2018

First thing we do this morning after our wee and a cheeky Berocca is visit the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for the cake we are baking for JiaJia’s birthday. She’s 79! Well, she turned 79 on the 4th so we’ll keep on celebrating till the candles run out.

We baked a tasty and light orange cake and shared it twice today: once amongst ourselves on the balcony during morning tea, and once this evening when Κυρία Κική popped over for a visit.

Never has the child been so affectionate! He asks for cuddles and songs from both his JiaJia and from Κυρία Κική so much so that it overwhelms our visitor. She asks to take him to church. He is thrilled to accompany her!

As such I wait at home really proud of the kiddo who is kind and confident. He’ll be all over the candles and the donation boxes so gave our dear Κική a handful of bronze coins to exchange for a candle. Its now 7:30 and I’m smiling ear to ear.