21-06-17 Rolex Tower Afternoon

Wednesday 21st June 2017

Blessed is the mumma whose preschooler wakes at 9:30am…oh wait that’s ME. The champ son gives me a break this morning with the perfect lay-in. I’m not even drowsy when he obliges me to finally get out of bed. The kiddo holds his wee all night and the first thing he wants to do is play in the lounge room but the first thing he has to do is get some relief. So that’s always my number 1 priority: get Kingsley on the loo.

Ever since Kingsley wet the bed (twice in two weeks) I have been conscious of putting him on the loo before bed every night. The first time he wet the bed I recalled not having made him do a wee beforehand but even worse, that I knew he drank at least 500 ml of beverages while watching Jack and the Beanstalk on the iPad (Laban then milk then water). That night the sheets, doona cover and his pyjamas were soaked through. Changing the child and stripping the bed mercifully is but a hazy shadow of a memory.

The second time it happened I did ensure he sat on the toilet before story time in bed. However I’m just not sure he actually pissed. Silly me left him on the porcelain throne, turned around and brushed my teeth. Neither could I hear or see the business. Kingsley has been known to resist doing wee when there are more interesting pursuits available you see.

Nowadays I am understandably startled from the experience of stripping the bed twice in the wee hours of a night. Kingsley’s got zero chance of getting away with holding it in any longer. He can sit on the loo with his newspaper for as long as it takes for me to hear the twinkle!

On other matters, today we met up with our friends at Rolex Tower before they fly to Boston for three weeks.  Ruth and Kingsley splashed around the pool one final time. See you in July Family Ames!