Kingsley: Nona Marlen

Friday 9th September 2016

Its your Nona’s Marlen’s birthday today, Kingsley. A glorious fiftyone years of age and never looking so good. We aren’t together as a family and in fact you could not get a family further dispersed. Still, the love is there and we are about to call her so you can wish your Nona a happy birthday and sing in your charming out of tune way.

Here is the breakdown of where the family is right now: Marlen and Sylvia are in Sydney, preparing to fly to Greece; your Ba-Bah is in Auckland on a layover (we just skyped!); your JiaJia Dora is in Saronitha preparing to receive Marlen and Sylvia; you and I in Dubai washing bedlinen, taking a bath, playing on the balcony, nude. And after your three-egg-and-peanut butter-toast breakfast I will show you photos of your fun times together godson with Nona, at the family hacienda in Coogee…

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