24-05-20 Twins: Lachie’s Playdate

Sunday 24th May 2020

I literally have to escape before Lachie comes over and before the babies lose their minds over needing a nap. Out we three go with a view to napping these two scamps and in doing so setting us all up for a pleasant day. That first nap of the day is crucial to all our peace of mind. So we walk and walk and soon enough both babies are snoring and I’m pacing the park at Randwick as wind whips up trees and blows hard. Interestingly enough the fresh wind lulls the twins into deeper sleep while I get my exercise on.

Elektra wakes first but also fell asleep first. Both are ready for lunch and its pear, then blueberry yoghurt then chicken and lentil mash with a goat milk chaser. Second nap down while watching the sun go down and big swell at Coogee, with fresh air on their faces we walk home for 6pm.