04-02-20 Twins: Visiting Παππού

Tuesday 4th February 2020

A new year and high time I visited my μπαμπά και γιαγιά the day is so perfectly mild, Erroll is here and Kingsley’s at school. We are off on an adventure to Botany. Mind you Keanu is very poorly of late, crying and hot to the touch, no appetite and won’t be put down. I’m alternating phenergan with Neurofen to provide him with relief from whatever it is driving him to burn up. Doc said not to be alarmed at a temperature should it develop 5 to 10 days after the babies’ 12 month vaccinations. So I am treating the discomfort of that.

Meanwhile Elektra sings her songs LOUDLY and SHRILLY entirely happy with life whether at home, in the car or at Botany Cemetery visiting her Παππού.