10-07-20 Twins: Sydney Park

Friday 10th July 2020

With Kingsley at Bunnerong Gym the rest of the Hartleys hit Sydney Park the extraordinary greenspace lush with ponds and streams and miles of walking tracks. I’ve only to take myself out of the car as miraculously both baby are asleep and Erroll is obliged to drive about keeping them asleep at any cost.

The rarest of opportunities: I get to walk with Angela without pushing a stroller! We complete a full lap, I’d say an hour together before my phone rings: the babies are awake, come to the car.

And there they are fresh from sleep. Into single prams they go, one with Angela one with me and accompanied by her sons Hugh & Henry and their puppy off we go round the park again. Each child eats γιαγια’ς κουλουράκια, Angela and Keanu enjoy her σπανακόπιτα, then for dessert her τσουρέκι.

We settle near the Cafe, Elektra so very happy to toddle into Angela’s arms plonk down sans nappy and drink her bottle. Keanu’s clingy and crawl over me not countenancing to be left alone. Both babies need multiple changes of clothing, nappies and thank heaven Angela brings us the ultimate gift: a BOX of baby wipes.