29-04-20 Twins: Centennial Park

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Our first day of some peace and calm – Kingsley begins Term2 at school and we’re overjoyed! Everyone is especially Kingsley. He races through the (sanitised) school gates at 8:55am farewelling daddy while I prepare the babies for a day out.

First we visit Marlen, Kosta and Frank at work. The babies sleep in the car through most of the visit then cry uncontrollably when Frank lumbers over. They chill out soon enough with that bottle of magic called milk down their throat.

Next we visit Centennial Park to feed the geese. Keanu chucks morsels of boiled bagel at them, and makes hissing/hooting sounds after them. Elektra’s eyes are like plates wide tracking the geese where they go.

As is often the case Keanu naps only once during the day, Elektra twice but only after Keanu pulls her hair five times.