10-08-20 Twins: LouLou Visits

Monday 10th August 2020

A mind boggling morning attempting to get all 3 babies fed changed dressed read toilets too play and changed once more for the road, a bit more food lest one ortthe other gets hungry plus a prayer that sleep in the buggy will overpower them (it doesn’t). So three kids out the door at 8:45am, with 15 minutes to power push the twins up and down the hills of Coogee so that Kingsley doesn’t have to get a late note (he doesn’t!).

By 10am we’re home, no naps down though LouLou visits and gets stuck into playful play while simulate eating greek treats a La Dora. LouLou has known these babies since their delivery at The Women’s and mucks in on the floor giving me time to make us tea.