06-07-20 Twins: Sydney Park

Monday 6th July 2020

Since the day turns glorious – sunny perfect weather zero coldness to the breeze – added to this the fact that Erroll is not working and Kingsley is at gymnastics camp, we decide to spend the day outdoors.

First stop Botany cemetery accompanying mum to visit dad and γιαγιά. Elektra falls asleep (blessings!) while the wide awake Keanu shows great enthusiasm to stomp all over epitaphs his unsteady gate ridiculously charming.

Next stop Sydney Park now Keanu’s turn to fall asleep while Elektra shows great enthusiasm for a long walk around its perimeter. She’s enjoying the greenery and waves her royal wave at passer-bys. Each dog she sees gets a ‘γαβ-γαβ’ though the white puppy bulldog Atlas who lops over she doesn’t take to and cries.

By this stage Erroll and Keanu have joined us on the green neither baby wants to walk. They want arms. But the trick is to let them roam free in the children’s playground. Here they climb, Elektra particularly intrepid wanting to join the big girls as they nimbly bound about. Keanu spots an empty drink carton and hones in on it not letting go.

And speaking of not letting go, we had to put Keanu under the shower this morning as the yoghurt cup he wanted ended up as a hand and face mask on him. He wore the yoghurt stubbornly not letting it go nor the spoon he was attempting to eat the yoghurt with.