Ch. 1: Ready to make it 3

This is a tale of a couple in love with life, with each other and finally after a few years of marriage, in love with the idea of starting their own clan. Easy, you’d think! As easy as how the birds and bees do it. As easy as a stork flying overhead, baby in its blankie, a special delivery made especially for us…


Well, the stork got waylaid en route to Dubai, stuck no doubt between the Hartley’s favourite holiday destinations, Greece and New York. Damn stork. Years of hollering out for our special delivery made us consider attempting other routes to what we desired. The Hartleys were ready for a good dose of medical intervention along their good loving…

The Hartleys try for a baby

The Hartleys try for a baby

Enter if you will, our story of how two became three…

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