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Top Tips: Part 2 – Consider the Sun

We aim to please here at alicehartleyphotography and what better way that to dispense tips to serve you better when snapping away with your camera. There are three simple things that improve all photography, including  portraits. There is no trick I have … Continue reading

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30 Days of Gratefulness-Ramadan Part 22 Architecture of a Mosque Pt I

I do not claim to have visited many mosques, however the ones that I have passed while walking the streets of any Middle Eastern city during my jaunts, and the ones I was lucky enough to enter, seem to own common … Continue reading

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30 Days of Gratefulness-Ramadan Part 21: Grand Mosque

A Muslim’s house of worship, the mosque, comes from the Arabic masjid which conveys the sense of prostration. This is where believers bow down and prostrate in prayer. Although prayers can be done privately, either indoors or outdoors, every community of Muslims dedicates a space or … Continue reading

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Airplane over Yas – Part I

I fell deeply in love with international travel the instant I was provided with unrestricted access to various destinations world wide, thanks to benefits bestowed upon me, the spouse of an employee of a major international airline. Notwithstanding the sheer corporal pleasures … Continue reading

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Sovereign Wealth

SWF. That the acronym for those in the know. Well I cannot claim much personal knowledge of sovereign wealth, let alone a fund named in its honour. What I do understand from living in the Gulf Cooperative Council region is that many of the Arab … Continue reading

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Indoors Outdoors 5* Establishments

In a city like Dubai, dominated by towers and skyscrapers, finding a sanctuary unique and peaceful in order to escape the horrors of the working week can be a mission. Relaxation is critical when the weekend arrives, and so to Abu … Continue reading

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