28-03-20 Kingsley: Dinosaur

Saturday 28th March 2020

Okay so I dropped my parenting game today: allowed Kingsley to play mind-numbing games on my old Samsung phone. How he found downloaded apps on there without home internet is anyone’s guess. But he enjoyed his home isolation immensely, while I took the babies out all day.

Γιαγιά saved his brain though by feeding him crumpets, speaking with him in Greek and even going shopping together to Woolies down the road. All the while I’m out and Erroll completes his final duty for Virgin Australia before being stood down together with 100% of all crew.

Australia is not yet locked down so as a family we get out of the house our movements are severely restricted however. Parks and beaches are closed as are most retail outlets. Supermarkets will now trade 24 hours to keep up with demand such has Covid-19 wrecked its effect on us all.

But some joy: Kingsley wearing his cousin Βασίλη dinosaur tshirt, and he loving his second ‘Hatchimal’ pressie I got him as we hopped into bed together tonight. Tonight’s surprise a wee starfish.