19-05-17 Hassan Girls Visit

Friday 19th May 2017

These three bezzies reunite after 8 weeks apart, and they’ve never played so well together. Literally four hours indoors with one bedroom, a hallway and a loungeroom to themselves, they riot as a little gang. Nary one tear was shed (and usually we have many) so us adults actually enjoyed our post-Greece get together.

Kidlets ate koulourākia and hot chocolate, ice cream and bananas. Then I foolishly offered them chocolate. The gigantic chocolate egg soon became mushed into the doona and crumbled into the sheets. I stepped on a muffin which squished into Kingsley’s quilt.

Kids got high on the sugar and created havoc in the house. They squealed from joy and sang tunes in Grenglish. When the Hassan girls visit Kingsley falls in love!