02-07-20 Twins: Marathon Walk

Thursday 2nd July 2020

Today’s walk is a record breaker. In order to get these babies to nap I take them out at 11:30 and return 5pm. My toes ache from wearing too small sports shoes and I’m thirsty but the babies napped and we had an adventure while Erroll was out with Virgin buddies.

Firstly we walk to Coogee Pavilion then up Coogee Bay Road, turn left onto Belmore Road, through to Alison Road, left there and all the way past the Racecourse, right onto Anzac Parade, get muddled with the tram lines and bus lanes, go up the dangerous tramlines and get told that I’m on the wrong side, to go back but by now the babies are awake and upset do a kind tram driver actually stops his tram, gets out and assists us onto the platform. From here – outside Sydney Girls high – we take the tram to Central and walk the rest of the way to see Conrad Vass.

Keanu naps a fraction of what Elektra naps and still she wakes up grizzling. I take them shopping. Today they enjoy greek yoghurt with vanilla pouches, strawberry drinking yoghurt, mandarins and milk. By the time we’re home they’re starving for actual food. Γιαγιά Δώρα has the goods: beans (for Elektra) and chicken casserole (for Keanu).