19-07-20 Kingsley: Pokemon

Sunday 19th July 2020

Oma is in town so Kingsley gets to spend the morning with her sliding down mammoth slides and climbing treetops in the biggest spider park he’s ever been to. Inglis Park is a firm favourite for the older kids and after a non-stop hour of movement they stop for a chocolate milkshake and a croissant, Oma noting he didn’t finish either (which makes me pleased as he’s not a guts).

Next adventure this Sunday is with his other grandma, his γιαγια. Onto the bus they climb bound for Eastgardens ostensibly to meet up with me but soon enough Kingsley’s real reason he blurts out: to get Pokemon cards. Kingsley wants Pokemon cards. But WHY? Because Jesse got Poke cards yesterday at Target and Kingsley nearly cried when he wasn’t bought any (bad dad!) so today he must get some.

Γιαγιά of course can’t say no and to reward Kings for his impeccable behaviour accompanying γιαγια to the Shopping centre and agreeing to ride the bus back home with her (thus leaving me and the babies at Eastgardens) she most willingly finds her way to Target, holds Kingsley’s hand and is led to the vast array of Pokemon paraphernalia. He chooses the least expensive pack and γιαγια hands him $6 to pay at the checkout.