27-09-20 Twins: Daniela’s BBQ

Sunday 27th September 2020

Mumma got tipsy on champagne today at Daniela’s BBQ while Elektra ate a kilo of home made rocky road and Keanu swallowed an entire lamb kofta. Kids sitting at the table eating in a civilised manner while the Australian champagne and French rosέ seems to pour itself into our glasses! When I wash looking Elektra finds the apple juice poppa and sucks on the straw like she knows that sweet juice lies beneath. Both babies are handed Bulla frozen yoghurts and quietly enjoy them outside in the backyard among the older girls who delight in the twins.

Home time is s battle as I’m tipsy and tired, Elektra falls into what seems like a diabetic coma her mouth still rimmed with chocolate, while Keanu screams to be put to bed. Rest assured darling child; that’s all I want as well. In fact we three – me and the twins – literally pass out once in pyjamas and those warm milk bottles are in the babies’ mouths. 7:30pm lights out snoring!