21-07-17 Sheraton JBR

Friday 21st July 2017

New accessories alert! Swim goggles are now a must-have beach bag item for Kingsley has tried his new pair on and they didn’t come off for the duration of our day spent at The Sheraton JBR among friends.  Kingsley’s γυαλιά κολύμπι give him the freedom to dive deep and to swim for longer distances and guess what!? No more stinging eyes!!

Today we enjoyed a family afternoon in the luxe Sheraton JBR resort along the Jumeira Beach Residences. Here with friends Katya and Roberto who are en route to Adelaide, the kiddo ran the up and down the beachside property, threw himself in the pools all day, all night, but cried and cried when I pressed him to come into the Arabian Gulf. Not interested; too itchy; the water hurts my bum; it stings. Cried and carried on. Back to the pool we go then, son.