01-06-18 Athletics Friday

Friday 1st June 2018

Morning school run – athletics day…

And afternoon all to my lazy-ass self…

Tomorrow Erroll arrives in Saronītha. The child is excited and speaks of his Ba-Bāh coming to town to anyone who cares to listen. Truth be told, I’m excited too and tell strangers in the supermarket.

Here is our email exchange today as we prepare to reunite after 3 weeks apart…

Just got to casa Coogee safe and sound.
I hung out with Adam for a bit and Aleka is hanging out in her room.
The crew were great I slept for most of the flight and watched a few movies.
Tomorrow it’s updating residential address with host plus superannuation and deposit money into my commonwealth bank account.
I had to declare the money at customs just so they know it’s not dodgy and that received legally.
I am now checking in for my flight tomorrow all the way to Athens via Bangkok and Dubai.
It is now nanni time.
I can’t wait to be there in cosy Saronida with my family.xxxx
Jet Lag Darling,
It is now 03.30 Friday morning here in Sydney I have just woken so thought I’d email you.
It is blowing a Gail outside the windows are shaking and the wind is howling too.
I managed to get a his & hers Bulgari ammenities kit for Aleka & Adam.
They loved them very much!
I am going to lay here in the bed you made which is clean so I am not sneezy until the sun comes up at 6 am then I will go for a jog.
It’s great to be back in OZ lovin it you know!
And tomorrow being Saturday I will hopefully see you in Athens as the flight is pretty full.
I am number 1 in priority for the flight so fingers crossed.

You are in our tiny bedroom and wee comfy bed. So excited!! I read the news that Sydney is freezing. Darling I’ve not felt the cold in a decade!


How gorgeous you have Adam & Aleka the amenity packs. Thank you for being so generous to them! I especially love how we pamper each others families with gifts and correspondence.

Okay- its now 9pm. Linus is passed out good and hard after an arvo and evening spent with his mates catching fish and crabs! Truly: using his new fishing net he & Ilias snagged a long fish! Popped it in his bucket, filled the bucket with water and showed his catch off.
Wife xx