27-08-20 Twins: Dorothea Cat

Thursday 27th August 2020

Dorothea is so fortunate! Big yards, lush gardens, house to roam about in warmth and comfort, various wind free sun soots. Often she’d play with a stray toy. This morning she swiped at Keanu for terrorising her. She’s smart: her talon barely touched him but the wisp of the breeze between talon and skin scared him enough to back off. She didn’t break skin. Intelligent cat.

The babies are more and more enjoying our front garden. To them it is infinitely more interesting than the million toys inside the house. With Erroll at home today the babies are sent out the front to move their limbs and explore the greenery. Dorothea is sunning herself as far away as possible from footfall: she’s under a low tree in a shaded corner. Of course the babies spot her! And like giant zombies of the Apocalypse they hurl themselves toward her.

“You’re evoking deep emotion within me. What a beautiful setting. The beautiful giant babies on a perfect sunny day with birds a chirping, flowers a blooming and the omniscient lioness under the luscious greenery.” – How Anthony Theoharous describes his feelings when I sent him the home video of the twins and Dorothea frolicking in our yard.

Dorothea is indeed a lioness. We feed her on demand. She makes herself known only when she wishes to be so. We’re all under her spell.

Before the wontons disturb her further and Dorothea cat does any damage we leave her be and go for a drive, off to visit Kosta and Marlen, to deliver Frank a bag full of toys. Tired from terrorising the cat the wontons pass out. A blessed hour of sleep for them and quiet for us.