29-09-20 Kingsley: Baking Bread

Tuesday 29th September 2020

Through the pandemonium of our morning Kingsley decides he simply must bake bread and I must look for a packet of whatever in our pantry. We’ll sure enough we have one organic Gluten free bread packet mixture that has his name all over it. He’s over the moon! Drags over intothe kkitchen mum’s IKEA low stool, props himself up and begins reading method and ingredients.

Methodically and systematically the child directs me to fetch this from the fridge (water), that from the pantry (a packet of μαγιά), warms the water in the microwave, adds half a teaspoon of sugar, lets the μαγιά bubble for 5 minutes then a new activity: using the blender!

After an unnecessarily long spell mixing a fair portion of the dough is splattered over wall tiles and especially the water boiler but we’ve enough for a loaf!

He proudly nibbles on a slice of his creation, declares it “tasty and crunchy; crunchy bread!” then packs 3 slices for Aunty Mika at today’s picnic at Centennial Park.