15-06-17 SkyGardens Swim

Thursday 15th June 2017

It’s a scorching hot, blindingly bright sunny Summer’s day in Dubai with blowing sonic winds coming at us from Saudi Arabia. But such extreme conditions are not enough to keep us in doors all day. Kingsley must stretch his legs, Fritz the donkey must be fed, we’re due for a swim and our long standing afternoon playdate with Ruth cannot be missed.

Kingsley picking up an Italian bird in the jacuzzi

After a morning of solid eating (a banana, two bottles of Laban, two slices organic oats toast with honey, an egg and an apple) we’re out the door smothered in sun protection factor and sunnies are on. Its off to our beloved Zabe’el vet animals to hand feed them carrots and apple. And in great secrecy / respect to those fasting during Ramadan while there I feed Kingsley a cold apple and insist he drinks water. Only so he doesn’t collapse from heat exhaustion. Both of us are soaked from sweat. He tells me how he’s perspired and can we please leave now Mummà.

So its to SkyGardens for a swim on the 39th floor among the skyscrapers where we (I) take stock at how fortunate our life in Dubai is, check out the extraordinary views, shower outdoors and switch between the three pools on offer (various water temperature and depth, thank you very much!)

His survival swimming is coming along with the help of this kick board care of Oma. And we’re officially finished with floaties! Especially when there is a hot young Italian in the jacuzzi who is most willing to play catch with him/converse in broken English, arm bands would just be a hindrance to the pickup by the pool.