01-11-18 Kindy Orientation Day 2

Thursday 1st November 2018

Its been a week since Linus attended Kindy orientation…and he’s been looking forward to school from that day. Yesterday I told him he’s going to Coogee Public School ‘tomorrow’ and this smile you see in each photo below, has not left his face.

Miss Fischer’s colourful classroom lured him straight in at precisely 9:25am. She asked what he’d like to play with; ‘these’ he replies pointing to a table-top bucket full of colourful stacking shapes. He quietly went about building three rocket ships. Moonwalking out the door (most reluctantly) do I leave him to attend the P & C presentations with other new Kindy parents.

11am is morning tea time and the hour us new Kindy parents fetch the kiddies from Miss Fischer. To my joy I spot the child quietly playing with three other littlies. On his table is his art (!!) and his very first attempt to write ‘Kingsley’. He got all the way to ‘KIN’, though very neatly traced Miss Fischer’s handwriting of Kingsley.

Ready to leave for the day and to my delight he gives his teacher a hug abd farewells her. My heart is too big for its cage and I do the child’s bidding: park, play, icecream.