20-08-20 Twins: Flying Fox Park

Thursday 20th August 2020

Its becoming quite the tradition: collect Kingsley from school and walk directly to Flying Fox Park. The babies seem to know it too excitedly hanging out of their pram as we head down there.

Both haul themselves out of their harnesses, shimmy down the pram and gollimp when I reach down to help them out: its too exciting to be among the big kids! As usual they toddle in opposite directions Keanu going for one of three balls I threw out from the pram basket, Elektra wanting a go of the slide.

Kingsley’s happily playing with Jesse – flying fox, rough housing, chasing – however carves out moments to show deep affection for his siblings. He takes them on the slide one by one, he squeezes their cheeks, kisses their faces, and the ultimate show of love, throws them a ball.