Kingsley: Shoes

Friday 16th October 2014

Soft-soled shoes modelled by Kingsley, and worn for the very first time! I am equal measures thrilled and sad. Thrilled that our boy looks like a dapper little man, and sad that he is growing up all too quickly. But as cute as they are, tiny shoes are not the best way for a baby to start toddling.

You see, after they start walking infants should go barefoot so their muscles can develop properly. With those first steps taken, going barefoot is ideal because they learn to walk and balance better when they can use their toes to grip. The bones in a baby’s foot are soft and don’t finish hardening until a child is around 5 years old, though kids’ feet keep growing into their teenage years.

But just for today, I dress our son down to his fat little feet and for our friend Darine’s baby shower, I deemed it proper to have Kingsley in his special Sunday best, shoes included…

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