14-05-19 Kingsley: Vice Principal’s Award

Tuesday 14th May 2019

Linus walks out from class in line formation with the rest of the KPs following Miss Panousis. He’s wearing a sticker on his red school shirt that says ‘Vice Principals Award’. I point it out to him and he’s almost unaware / disinterested. ‘When did you get this?’ No answer. ‘How come you got an award darling?’ Because I was a good boy is as comprehensive as I get. He ends up sticking it on his brother’s forehead then scrunching it up and chucking it out. So much for his Award.

The four of us walk home Kingsley insisting on pushing Freūdle in the bassinet then racing in front so that my anxiety is triggered and all I do is screech ‘STOP’ down the length of Coogee Bay Rd. Its a 10 minute turn around at home before footie training. The child gobbles 4 eggs then we are on our way to meet Costa who takes Linus and Alex to training.