01-02-17 Hotels with the Family

Wednesday 1st February 2017

As a family we woke today to a dreary and wet summer’s day, in a fluffy King-size bed: our favourite happy place – wet outside; warm inside. Again we are in a hotel this Sydney trip (Erroll flew in to Sydney on a layover mid December for our Hartley-Gray Christmas so we stayed at the Stamford Plaza at that time) and our surrounds are luxurious to say the least (Marriott Circular Quay gives well proportioned rooms, I must say, and enough floor space for Kingsley to roll around on). Today the child jumped on Erroll’s suitcase with such force that he broke off a wheel.

Inclement weather notwithstanding, we enjoyed family pursuits today away from the hotel: visiting the fifth baby cousin to be born – Noah – along with Zac & Josh. Here among his second cousins, Kingsley grabs Zac’s toys and makes him cry (Zac has an issue with ‘sharing’ and Kingsley is too much of an ego-centric toddler to consider ‘asking’). Next we walk to Coogee and spend the next two hours eating/playing with toys/riding bikes, tricycles, skateboards, scooters. JiaJia Dora packs us a suitcase full of food and we are off on the 374 bus direct to Cicular Quay and our final night in Sydney…