17-04-18 Lemonade Stand

Tuesday 17th April 2018

Last year this time Kingsley was attending school in Greece and was learning to sit in class. This year he literally doesn’t sit anywhere; he’s on the fly and even rejects the buggy (!!). In fact recently he’s been very happy to walk for kilometers, something I truly believed he quite literally would not stand for.

Today we walked home from Randwick village. After a visit to Dr. Eliades (no degenerative bone problems, yay), a play with plenty other kiddies in the mall, a visit to the library (destructive mood; get out quick), a shop at Best & Less (new waterbottle) then groceries at Woolies, we two make our way down singing all the way to 60 Brook Street.

At one point we hear young female voices calling to no one on particular, ‘Lemonade stand; get your fresh lemonade here! Lemonade stand…’ Of course we stopped by only to say hallo to two girls out the front of their house by a wee table stacked with cups and jugs of fresh lemonade. I admitted that we’d love to buy some of their lemonade but I’ve not a cent on me. ‘Oh that’s alright; come have some lemonade anyway!’ 

So in we’re invited to spend the next hour at matriarch Keren’s beautiful home (which she rents out for TV commercials) and to drink our choice of sugar-free or regular lemonade (Kingsley near spat out the sugar-free version and was most appreciative of a glass full of saccharine juice). Kids played well; us mums gass-bagged (Keren and I even have a mutual acquaintance – Sarah Hyman) and promises were made to pop by any time their home for more fresh lemonade.