Kingsley: Dusit Thani

Saturday 15th November 2014

Once again, Kingsley and I return to our neighborhood five star hotel, the Dusit Thani. Its here that we have been enjoying for the past eleven months, a very zen experience when it comes to hotel interiors. We sit in the cool of the Thai-inspired lobby, take a seat by the pebble-and-running water feature, and today something special: we listen to the soft tones coming from the khim being played by a gloriously pretty Thai musician.

The khim is a hammered dulcimer originally from Cambodia, made of wood and trapezoidal in shape, with brass strings that are laid across the instrument. The lovely musician was gently playing it using two flexible bamboo sticks topped with leather, smiling generously as she did and with a great generous spirit, invited Kingsley to come close and enjoy the traditional sounds of Thailand…

Yasmin 003 Yasmin 004 Yasmin 005

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