02-01-18 Alpha Males

Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Erroll is home again and both Kingsley and I are ready to play in the sand with him so its off to La Mer again. The Toobys join us and the Alpha Male kids set about immediately to strut their sizeable preschooler shoulders.

Harrison Tooby is as intense as Kingsley is. Both boys are athletic, sharp, wild, roguish, strong, loud and don’t give in. And this afternoon’s beach activity was all about them chasing one another, chucking sand in each other’s faces, throwing themselves in the giant bouncy castle and being pushed ever higher on the wooden swing.

Their funny/quirky love/hate/admire friendship came out when Harrison found a sea worm and chased Kingsley round the beach with it. Both kiddos in hysterics; one loving being chased and the other dangling the worm scaring Kingsley to the squeaks of both.

Later Starbucks did good. We kicked back on lounged in the sun drinking Erroll’s favourite – a double-double venti-hold-the-cream, and the dude gave Kingsley his own double-shot-milk cappuccino-hold-the-coffee. Drank the lot, and took his special cup home as a souvenir.