24-09-19 Kingsley: Playdate

Tuesday 24th September 2019

After jiu-jitsu we get frozen yoghurts then catch buses with our pals and visit them for play dates. The three terrors King Arthur, Queen Bea and Kingsguard will not take no for an answer: Nanny Angela and I capitulate and go with the happy flow of childhood fun. I’ve never seen happier kids than when slurping on ice cream in the sun, hopping on the 353 bus service bound for Clovelly then agreeing the last moment to alight all together and visit for an hour.

But before then we visit Coles are between the four of us polish off a liter of delicious, slightly acidic Swedish Filmjolk: the babies through their bottles then Kingsley straight from the carton. He always politely leaves me some down the bottom.

With a belly full of blueberry Filmjolk, banana, a Vanilla yoghurt and spiral pasta Kingsley is ready for a master-class in Jiu-jitsu.