22-08-20 Twins: Day 2 Daddy in WA Quarantine

Saturday 22nd August 2020

Last night was bedlam in the bedroom the babies crying, Elektra with a full nappy, she needing a change, and then pissing all over me! Keanu waking from her cries…then he kicks off! My hands literally tied as both babies insist they hold one hand each to get back to sleep. Plus I got my period so must use the loo, alot! Our first night without Erroll in such a long long time. But by a miracle we all get through the night and a new day begins.

While Kingsley is with Dojo buddies Antony and Michaela for a Playdate I’ve got these two terrors all to myself. Our day goes something like this: all three kids hop in bed with me and squirm about, morning warm milkies upon waking, change everyone, non stop loads of washing, Kingsley to tennis leaving the babies with Γιαγιά, home to feed the babies and prepare Kingsley for his play date then come 11am its just the three of us off to shop at Bondi Junction and avoid catching Covid-19.

Of course they both do simultaneous poo and are sopping wet so need a complete outfit change. But I forget to pack nappies! Only one between the two of them! The lady gets covered of course. Keanu doesn’t mind free balling anyhow but its chilly this arvo: I cover him up with a blanket till we get home on the bus.

After getting nappies changed

Passed out together

Going home on the 353