01-01-20 Kingsley: Lachie Shepherd’s Birthday

Wednesday 1st January 2020

For my 48th and Lachie Shepherd’s 6th, a bunch of Coogee Public mums and cool kids from KP celebrate at Penguin Park Eastgardens with Prosecco and bacon & egg rolls. Instead of a present Kingsley and I will take Lachie shopping for fun stationary at Smiggles.

Our day went something like this: daddy is stuck in Launceston so its me and three Hartleys on the 353 bus service to Eastgardens, check out the swell at Maroubra Beach, witness two lean, mean, violent troubled blonde women harass a pudgy, homely Indian woman in a sari on bus, discuss how crazy and unbalanced some people of society are, agree never to engage such unwell people (stay close to mama and μπαμπά!) then walk 500 meters and viola! We are partying in the sun on new years day. It’s Kingsley and his all time favourites from class: the two Lachies, Jesse and Isaac. They shoot hoops, smash the Pinyata with a cricket bat, eat lollies.