13-09-20 Kingsley: Wild Ropes with Isaac

Sunday 13th September 2020

We’ve had this day planned for over a month: to treat Isaac for his birthday with an hour and a half of wild ropes at Taronga Zoo. Both boys do great! At first gingerly walking the course then lifting feet to finally ziplining the entire course. Kingsley is sweating profusely so a cold chocolate milk goes down a treat. Its a warm day and the wild ropes helmet along with their clothing must come off by the time we get to the splash pad at the petting zoo. Here the boys get wet as do the twins! (So pleased with myself I put on their bums swim nappies).

Erroll leaves with the twins which means I get my jollies from asking the boys to navigate us down to the ferry by reading the signs throughout the zoo, catching a ferry, buying hot chippies from Hungry Jack’s at Circular Quay, hopping on the Tram, and playing Eye Spy all the way home.