11-11-20 Twins: Visiting Sam & Ilse

Wednesday 11th November 2020

Up a very steep driveway through a tiny pathway and up some stairs onto a sundrenched easterly aspect is Sam & Ilse’s new South Coogee home. We pay them a visit this noon, and they’re home! The twins are a bit confused about their new surroundings so are clingy; Josh & Noah are busy watching a show but us adults chat non stop about the views and light and green back yard.

Morning time we’re out as well meeting Amanda Porter for tea sitting outside on the newly created pavement al fresco seating along the now one way Coogee Bay Rd. Kids are at first chirpy then someone does poo and she’s not happy. Then both of the babies aren’t happy then they’re full on clingy and I know its time to go. Next time we’ll hit the beach with them.

By late arvo Keanu hasn’t yet slept so the solution is to feed him Γιαγιά Dora’s spinach rice, stuff him with that plus milk and stroll. Stroll and sternly bark at the unruly babies “get to BED” till sleep overcomes Keanu and I turn into an angel mum again. Sleep, child! That, he does.

And a first tonight: Kingsley Keanu and I go to bed together! It works!