06-07-18 Broad Brush Strokes

Friday 6th July 2018

This after school we experiment with a new set of paint brushes. Big broad and bold set of 5 get the acrylic paint treatment and Kingsley is a fan on them. Plus the brushes are beautifully coloured and coordinate with his pots of paint.

I now note that when the child becomes a little feral / uncontrollably distracted / psycho from too much Nickelodeon watching all I have to do is calmly suggest we paint and presto! The sweetest-temper unfolds; an artist emerges; a patient Master of colour swivels his brush with confidence.

Today he lovingly spread red on his paper then discovered the joys of applying thick white dots over it. Fat little fingers grip the brush tenderly nowadays and are more and more nimble.

Painting aside, my only concern this week is Kingsley’s propensity to repeat a really bad swear word. Over and over. He loves its sound. I hate it! So does Miss Xrisoūla. In fact on Wednesday she ordered Δωρόθεος to sit on the ‘thinking chair’ because he called his class mates this.

Just after painting and before his bedtime routine tonight all I heard was this dreadful word coming out of his sugarsweet mouth: Μαλάκα.

Lets just stick to broad brush strokes of acrylic my baby. Okay? Or no bedtime stories.