17-07-16 Table

Sunday 17th July 2016

After such an active long weekend swimming, visiting and having five star adventures, it was inevitable to slow down this first day of the working week. I just couldn’t get out of bed before 10:30am even though Kingsley was up at 9. The boy knows to whisper letting me know he has had his fill of sleep. With one eye open I turned on the iPad, switched to Netflix and tapped a Peppa Pig icon. That one eye then closed for a blissful 90 more minutes while our boy entertained himself with his favourite family of pigs.

Erroll had arrived late last night from New York with a suitcase full of groceries. Both son and wife of course are always excited to greet our handsome provider at the door. It continues to be a thrill! We all ate supper of roast vegetables before the boys passed out. And I then went about clapping hands over the supermarket loot. Since U.S prices are half of what they are in Dubai, its most gratifying when our larder is packed from his layovers. It means we now have cornflakes, toothpaste and brushes, deodorant, crackers, cookies without the extortionate Dubai price tag.

Leaving a jet lagged Erroll to sleep through the time zones, at 1:30pm Kingsley and I set about walking along Sheikh Zayed Road to The Tower fighting our way through possibly the hottest day I have ever experienced. My French-Persian friend Mercedes left us a low table ideal for Kingsley’s train sets, so we were off to see its dimensions.

The table is home now – slotted into the dining room spot where Kingsley’s cot used to sit – brought back here by Erroll after his workout. Well wasn’t Erroll the hero when he walked into our apartment holding a huge pressie for his son tonight! It’s already topped with cars, trains and puzzle pieces. The happiness on Kingsley’s face worth all of our traipse through today’s desert heat…

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