23-12-19 Twins: Who’s Almost 1?

Tuesday 23rd December 2019

Here’s a first: I didn’t take any photos of you two today. None! But I made sure each of you spent precious one-on-one time with a loving adult and whacky moments with big bro.

So from the morning I’ve got Elektra, Erroll has Keanu and γιαγιά takes Linus on an adventure. Then we all rotate companions.

Now that these two pork chops are heading toward their first birthday I can easily see their progress: both babies  track our physical presence with their eyes, necks and entire bodies turning toward me, daddy or their beloved γιαγιά.

Keanu loves to squeal and hangs to be tickled under his neck by big bro. In fact on the bus home he lifted his face to expose his neck inviting Kingsley again and again for a tickle. Both boys crack up!

Elektra after drinking half a litre of goats milk and half a litre of raspberry laban passes out in the Valco Snap DUO only waking at home.

Both babies get showers now. And love it but only when Kingsley is with them. So communal showering it shall be from now on.