Kingsley: Development

9th April 2014

At four months of age our little man is becoming quite the character and his fledgling personality charms everyone he meets. Today for example at the office, Kingsley was all smiles and dimpled laughter. Erroll brought him in twice for a feed (at 11:30am then at 2pm). Before and after his milkshake, colleagues saw him, held him, played and tickled him.

With each person I introduced Kingsley to, the infant did our family proud: his eyes would fix on the other’s face, he’d respond to their gestures and funny antics, giggle, and laugh with a wide gummy smile. Then he’d charm the lot of them by jigging his body. It was claps all round and declarations that Kingsley Hartley is the most advanced baby they’d seen.

Kingsley visits mumma at the office

Kingsley visits mumma at the office

Develop steadily the boy has, with tricks we are thrilled at. Now as a four month of age, Kingsley follows objects with his eyes, reaches toward objects with both hands, plays with fingers (usually in his mouth; just have a look at this image), puts most anything into his mouth actually, holds his head steadily and with all his might attempts to roll over.

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