Kingsley: 17-01-15 Dusit Playground

Saturday 17th January 2015

After Kingsley woke from his second nap of the day, at around 6PM, we as a family took to the tiny playground next to the Dusit Thani Hotel. Here, we met up with an old colleague of mine, Yasmin, and her three girls Layla, Salma and Nada. Kingsley was like a pig in mud: all the rides, slides and merry-go-rounds he attempted to climb/ride showing no fear, bashing into other kids, tripping over his feet, and face-planting on the astroturf, and nary a cry to be heard. Our little playground thug…

_NKN4831 _NKN4843 _NKN4851 _NKN4859 _NKN4861

Finally on his legs and walking up the slippery slide no less!!!


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